"My son, Austin started guitar lessons with Michael when he was a very shy seven-year-old. Michael’s encouraging, positive manner has seen Austin progress extremely quickly and not only does he have a solid understanding of reading music, his confidence has increased dramatically throughout the year, so much that he played a couple of ACDC songs solo at school assembly.

Michael gives Austin the skills and confidence to reach beyond his comfort zone and although I never played an instrument myself, Michael provides me with guidance through recordings and written notes so that I can assist Austin with his practice.

Austin loves his lessons, and at home often picks up his electric guitar and rocks through the range of songs he now knows off by heart.

Michael’s enthusiasm and love of music is contagious and I am very grateful for the tools he has given Austin not just in a musical sense but the self-assurance he has whenever he gets his little electric guitar in his hands.

Thank you Michael and I am looking forward to another great musical year ahead."



Emma George, mother of student - 2017

"Michael Basham has taught my two sons guitar for the last four years.  He has been an incredibly inspiring teacher constantly encouraging and motivating them.  Both boys look forward eagerly to their lesson each week and practice willingly in between lessons.  Michael has a knack of choosing songs for the boys to learn that make learning their instruments fun and cool. Michael has helped my elder son form two rock bands and given him the confidence to perform live on stage in front of an audience.


We are very grateful to Michael for his caring, patient and motivating approach to teaching music. I would happily recommend Michael Basham to any parent looking for a great guitar teacher for their children".



Anna Sangster, mother of student - 2018

"Our daughters have been learning music with On The Run Music for a number of years. They love their weekly lessons! The lessons not only teach skills, but they learn to enjoy their music, challenge themselves and work towards performances and playing with other students. All of the teachers encourage the kids ever step of the way and have real world experience. They are so friendly and personable, it makes coming to lessons fun for the kids. My children have been through a few teachers, and every one of them has been outstanding. If you're considering lessons, don't waste your money elsewhere! Take it from someone who has been there, done that."

Sue-anne  mother of students - 2018

"Michael Basham has been teaching guitar to our son Blair for nearly 4 years and our experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Michael is one of Blair’s favourite people and he seems to allow Blair to express his own personality through his music. Blair has had opportunities to perform solo and in bands at assemblies, lunchtime concerts and the annual On the Run Music concert. One real highlight for Blair has been playing in the large band for the annual school drama production. Michael’s unique knack of teaching and managing groups of children with a wide range of abilities is quite extraordinary. Michael is kind, positive, encouraging and fun; the children learn a lot and they absolutely love him. We have seen Blair’s musical skills and confidence grow significantly and we highly recommend Michael and On the Run Music to anyone who wants their child to really enjoy learning music."


Deb and Alan Kruger, mother and father of student - November 2018